Isca [is-ka ]

1. a former Roman city located where present day Exeter is,

2. the Latinized Celtic word for running water,

3. cognate with Uisce, of Uisce Beatha, the Gaelic name for whiskey,

4. a modelling framework.


Team retreat

We recently went to Teignmouth on a team retreat. Below is us part way through a treasure hunt.

Back (L-R): Greg Colyer, Alex Paterson, Stephen Thomson, James Penn, Geoff Vallis, Neil Lewis
and Jake Eager. Font (L-R): Penny Maher, Ruth Geen, Qun Liu and Marianne Pietschnig.

Isca takes over Trieste

In June this year Geoff and Stephen took Isca to an ICTP summer school in Trieste, Italy. The summer school was attended by 45 PhD students and postdocs from all across the globe who spent a week receiving lectures on various topics within the school's remit, and doing scientific work using Isca. Having installed Isca on ICTP's supercomputer, Stephen introduced Isca in a interactive talk/practical session, and prepared some example experiments for the students to run. Topics included the effects of ocean-heat transport on the atmosphere, the effect of increasing and decreasing the Earth's rotation rate (including spinning it backwards), the effects of changing obliquity and mixed-layer depth, and investigations involving ice-albedo feedback. We hope many student will take Isca back to their institutes, and that Isca's user base will continue to grow.

Isca V1.0

Our model description paper is was recently published in GMD.